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Empowering the domestic working community

February 10, 2023

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

The domestic working community has long been in need of a solution to provide them with the recognition and empowerment they deserve. The emergence of startups like ChefKart and Broomees is a step towards that direction.

ChefKart is a visionary force established in January 2020, dedicating itself to bringing structure and opportunity. Focusing on those who have been overlooked, ChefKart provides a platform for the cooks to earn a living. The company is unwavering in its mission to empower the cooking community and provide a better future for those within it.

Broomees India, which started in June 2020 with its approach of allotting maids to households, addresses two critical problems. Not only does it provide quality service to its customers, but it also organises the domestic working sector. The company's success, as seen with its recent appearance on Shark Tank India and acquisition of ₹1 crore, is a testament to its impact on the industry.

Just as Broomees brings organisation to the domestic working community, ChefKart brings the same to the cooking community. With a range of offerings, ChefKart has three modules that achieve its purpose.

Monthly Subscription:

The subscription model offers cooks the opportunity for steady employment in different households for one month. By aligning themselves with a reputable organisation, these cooks can project a professional image that goes against the stereotype of their profession.


The Chefit module offers a one-time cooking service, providing an extra source of income for the cooks.

But ChefKart's commitment to the cooking community goes beyond just providing work opportunities.

Skill Training:

ChefKart believes that any time is perfect for learning new skills. The cooks who join the organisation learn to cook new cuisines every month from top chefs.

They also learn soft skills like communication, presentation, behaviour, and much more from the experts. ChefKart provides training certificates to all its trained cooks to

Health Camps:

The organisation conducts health and welfare campaigns for their cooks from time to time. The cooks and their family members are encouraged to participate and get their health checked by expert doctors.

Technological Awareness:

The company also offers training to use the ChefKart App, Google Maps, Rapido, WhatsApp, etc., to its cooks, empowering them with the digital knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Other Engagement Activities:

The key to running any organisation smoothly is to ensure less to no gap between its people. ChefKart team organises many team-building activities.

From celebrating festivals like Eid, Diwali, Republic Day, etc., to conducting Town Hall sessions between the founders, executives and cooks, ChefKart is ensuring continuous communication across all levels of the organisation.

Both companies are dedicated to providing a platform for their respective sectors, offering opportunities for individuals to showcase their talents and earn livelihoods. Broomees and ChefKart stand as shining examples of what can be achieved through a commitment to creating a better future for those in need of support and recognition.

The success of such startups serves as a beacon of hope for the domestic working community. The future looks bright for this sector, and it's exciting to see the impact that they will have on the industry.

Here's wishing Broomees India all the luck as they venture into a new level of their journey. The ChefKart team is looking forward to working with them in the future and contributing to the cause of empowering the domestic working community, one startup at a time.


Subi Kumari

She is an exceptional individual with a diverse range of skills, and a love for literature, art, and life. With a strong academic background in English Literature and Public Administration, she offers a unique perspective to her work, blending creative expressions in painting, poetry, and cooking. Her passion for the mountains and deep connection to life's extremities is mirrored in her vision of the world, making her an invaluable addition to our team.

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