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ChefKart’s most-loved one-time cooking service, Chefit.

July 10, 2023

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Whether your cook is on leave or you just need a break from cooking, this service is meant for you!


ChefKart was established in 2020 to solve people's daily cooking problems by providing professional and trained cooks. After cooking over 1,00,000 meals, serving 15K+ customers, and onboarding over 4500 cooks in Gurgaon & Noida, we are all prepared to serve Delhi. 

We are launching our most loved service, Chefit, in areas of South Delhi like Malviya Nagar, Hauz Khas, and Saket. Through this service, our customers can hire a cook for one time

That’s right! We now provide cook for one time in South Delhi.

Let's take a closer look at how ChefKart's one-time cooking service works and what is there in it for the people of South Delhi.


About Chefit 

Chefit connects cooks with customers in South Delhi looking for healthy, homely and delicious meals cooked in their kitchens. All one needs to do is go to the ChefKart App, fill in the requirements, and book Chefit. The prices are much lower than the food ordered online. 

Once the booking is complete, the cook will come to the customer's house within 90 minutes and cook the requested meal with utmost care and love.

We care about who has access to your kitchen & who cooks for you or your family. We also understand that there are a lot of questions that flood people’s minds before trying out something new. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


What kind of cook will I get?

All our cooks are carefully selected not only to prepare food tailored to your taste but to provide you with exceptional service altogether. 


Trained & Verified

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a cook for one time. We believe in developing a long-lasting relationship with our customers. Therefore, all the cooks assigned to Chefit services are professionally trained and AuthBridge verified. We carefully check their backgrounds to ensure that there are no criminal records. We continuously provide them with training.



When you hire a cook for one time from ChefKart, you can expect the cook to be dressed in a clean ChefKart uniform. The cook will wear an apron as soon as they enter the kitchen and wash their hands properly before starting to cook. They are trained to follow all safety protocols, including personal and kitchen hygiene. Once they are done cooking, they will ensure the kitchen is as clean as when they arrived.


Culinary Experts

The cooks provided to the customers through Chefit are experts in preparing basic homemade meals. South Indian, North Indian and Basic Chinese. Therefore, they are perfect when you need a homely meal cooked in your kitchen. They will prepare food that will bring you the aroma of home!



All our one-time cooks have 8+ years of experience in cooking. They have worked in various cooking sectors; hence, you will not need to micromanage.



On average, a Chefit cook is rated 4.8 stars by over 15K+ customers. Here is what our customers say about cooks hired through ChefKart’s Chefit service.

 “Chef Navin's culinary skills are truly exceptional! The chicken Rogan Josh was cooked to perfection, tender and bursting with aromatic spices. The Paneer Lababdar was a delightful blend of creamy paneer and rich tomato gravy, while the dal makhani was velvety smooth and packed with comforting flavors.”

  •  Kaustav Saha


“Chef Ajeet was on time; he was neat and clean, washed his hands before starting to cook, was very polite in nature, he was ready to cook anything we wanted. He cooked with calm, patience and interest and without any hassle. We could see that he wanted to cook good food, and that's what he did too. We liked the veg biryani and kadai paneer very much. It was delicious. Thankyou chefkart, and chef Ajeet. Looking forward to try for monthly subscription.”

  •  Jyoti Goyal


“This is a great thing by Chefkart. One time cook will save us from eating out when our regular cook is absent. We liked Sarita as she was polite and knew her stuff. She made good food as asked. We will certainly rebook Chefit. Thank you.”

  • Shivam Mishra


“The food Mohan cooked really exceeded our expectations!! It was amazing, and he was seriously fast. Everything about the experience was as perfect as could be. Keep up the good work. Quick, efficient, and palatable experience. Will definitely love to have him again.”

  •  Antika Gulliya



Is hiring a cook for one time from ChefKart safe?

As discussed above, all our cooks are AuthBridge verified and undergo strict background checks to ensure the absence of criminal records. They are also trained to follow all the safety guidelines. Your safety is our utmost priority; we only send the best cooks to prepare food for you.


What can I get cooked?

You can get any basic homemade dish prepared by our one-time cook; North Indian, South Indian or basic Chinese. Dishes that provide instant happiness and comfort like Dal, Chawal, Shahi Paneer, Chhole Bhature, etc.


How much does it cost to hire a cook for one time?

Chefit offers the best cost-efficiency when purchased as a combo. By buying a combo of three Chefit visits for Rs. 2399, you only pay Rs. 300 per Chefit visit. Additionally, this combo allows you to have food prepared for eight people in the comfort of your own kitchen. Indeed, this option proves to be much more affordable compared to ordering food online, which can cost up to Rs. 300 per person. Combo is only available on the ChefKart App.


What is in it for the Cook Community?

ChefKart is dedicated to the betterment of the cooks associated with it. Through Chefit, ChefKart connects cooks with customers in need of their services and helps them gain more work and increase their income.

Additionally, working as a professional cook with CheKart provides them with a decent and dignified job. ChefKart also trains its cooks to ensure they can deliver high-quality service.



Chefit is a well-designed service suited to meet the one-time cooking needs of people in South Delhi. This service's convenience, flexibility, and affordability make it an appealing option for people looking for an easy and hassle-free way to enjoy home-cooked meals even when their regular cook is on leave, or they are too busy to cook for themselves.

In addition, Chefit has the potential to benefit the local community by providing good work opportunities and experience for cooks by connecting them with potential customers. Chefit could help support the local economy and promote the growth of the Cook Community in Gurgaon.

In conclusion, ChefKart's one-time at-home cooking service, Chefit, is a revolutionary solution and could not have come at a better time. With its ability to solve the cooking problems of South Delhi residents with ease and convenience, Chefit will successfully impact many people's lives. 

To book a cook for one time in your area, download the ChefKart App.



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