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How to find the best cook for home

February 10, 2023



Finding a cook for home can be challenging, especially if you’re staying away from your hometown. Not everyone can make delicacies as you prefer.

Additionally, there has been tremendous growth in unhealthy eating practices with the growing love for food, making it crucial to find a cook suitable for your taste and health requirements.

Here are a few suggestions on how to find a cook for your home:


There are a few traditional ways to discover a suitable cook for you to hire. These old established methods are bound to work if you have good connections.

1. Contact society authorities:

You can approach the management or the security of your society/colony. For example, you can enquire about excellent cooks in their knowledge who may be looking for a job and ask for a trial.

2. Neighbours:

You can visit your neighbours and ask them about the availability and efficiency of their cooks. They can also help you understand their home chef’s cooking and kitchen management skills and the salary they pay.

3. Offline Agencies:

Many offline organisations in cities like Gurgaon work toward providing cooking services and domestic help near you. These organisations will appoint a cook according to your needs. Do not forget to ask them for a trial.


You may be interested in exploring the newer avenues for finding the perfect cook for your home if you’re introverted or new to the city.

4. Online Platforms:

The Internet is a beauty when finding a solution to just anything. All you need to do is go to your search engine and put in your requirement for a cook near your home. There are many online agencies that you can contact for hiring a cook. Before approaching an online agency, go through their website and see if they understand your requirements & suit your budget.

These are a few ways to find the perfect cook for your home. However, it is understandable that these methods are still very tiresome. Therefore, you can check out ChefKart for a hassle-free cook-hiring process.

ChefKart is a food-tech startup that seamlessly connects cooks to households in Gurgaon and Noida. The company curates your needs for a cook according to the type of home-cooked food you’re looking forward to. All you need to do is download their App, fill in your requirements and they will appoint a home chef for trial. If you’re satisfied, you can go ahead and take the monthly subscription with the same cook.

All our cooks are professionally trained and AuthBridge verified. To learn more about the services and offers, visit here.


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